Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Camera / Crumbling Warehouses 12.23.06

I got the new camera !! Canon PowerShot SD550, and it rocks. I convinced Mom to break any form of Christmas tradition and give me the camera before Christmas day, so I could take pictures around town. I always seem to get some of my best photos in So. Bo. (that’s South Boston, VA, the town I grew up in) Perhaps it’s the abundance of old neglected rundown buildings that I like so much. Plus the fact that I’m usually only home during the holidays, and I do love the winter light.
I guess it’s only fair since I’m missing the daily Carroll St photo, to post something from around town. Not that anyone is paying attention or anything.

About the Photos:
These are old tobacco warehouses that are crumbling to the ground. The Independent is actually being taken down, this front and side wall is about all that’s left.
After the tobacco was cured, farmers would bring it to the warehouses to be sold by auction to the tobacco companies. They still grow tobacco in So. Bo., in dwindling amounts, but all the warehouses are closed (and falling down) so I’m not sure how the tobacco is sold now. I guess I have another mission while I’m here.
Mission complete: Now most of the farmers have to sign up and sell their tobacco at a pre set price at the beginning of the season then when it’s been cured they take in for sale. That was the brief explanation I was given, but something tells me the farmer is getting ripped off, again.

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