Friday, December 22, 2006

Blogging from the Hospital Parking Lot

Home for the Holidays Friday, December 22, 2006 Visiting VA for the holidays, I find Mom's dial-up unbearable. So after asking at the local Radio Shack, I discovered the local hot-spots are the Hospital and the Court House. And they were quick to point out that you could get access from the parking lot. Even more curious, why these not too dorky looking women would know this, but I digress. Considering the mindset of my geographical location and the liberal contents of my bookmarks, I thought sitting in the parking lot of the court house with a laptop might find me in some local version of Guantanamo or worse, we've all seen Pulp Fiction and Deliverance...So this Christmas season will find me spending quality time in the parking lot of the hospital for anything that requires some speedy internet access. Of course you could say, I could just not check email or surf the web for almost a week.BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Good thing I got a wireless transmitter for my iPod. The original purpose of my trip to Radio Shack, now I can at least listen to my tunes while driving around, or sitting in the parking lots of, this barren music land.
Oh Joy I was going to post a picture from my current parking spot, but it seems my phone can't send text from here. Good God how do people survive here???

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