Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Dismal River, Nebraska Canoe Trip 2011


Scoutmaster said...

You posted these photos on July 24. When did you do the trip? We're trying to go but have been told the access point at the mullen bridge is out of service. Glidden rental has said that it is nearly impassable. What do you think?

Denneye said...

We were there July 18,19th. It was my first canoe trip, but the group I was with have been doing the Dismal for 20 years and said it's the worst they've ever seen it.

Many, many down tree and places where canoes had to be carefully walked through. Mitch is pretty much correct, we made it but it was very intense. Lot's of bruises and scrapes.

If you're taking a Scout troop, I don't think I'd advise it.