Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Jesus Lizard - Irving Plaza 11/16/09

The Jesus Lizard absolutely killed it last night at Irving Plaza. At 49, Yow is still a wild man, the only difference I noticed about this show, is he kept all his clothes on, thankfully...

Happy Yow?

Yow being Yow

The guns, and yep bleeding, he got cut around the 2nd song.
That, my friends, is a Rock band!


trish said...

nice one of the crowdsurfing! too bad the close up of his bloody face didn't come in clearer, but really, who wants to see that in detail. was a blast

Eric Lundquist said...

Awesome pictures. I was thinking the same thing, Trish. I saw the blood clearly enough in person... don't really need a recap. ;)