Sunday, August 3, 2008


I started a post this morning about the hike up Volcano Pacaya, but ran into serious technical problems, and lost half the post, and couldn't get any pictures up. So I've decided, until I get back I'll just link to Picassa uploads, then link it all together. I've been pretty good about keeping notes and a journal of the trip, so when I get back I'll try to write it up here with pictures.

All that said, what you really need to know, is I'm having an awesome time. And if you're ever close to Guatemala, you HAVE to come to Antigua and do the overnight hike to Pacaya, absolutely mind blowing. And by close I mean, anywhere within the continental US.... OX Excursions is the only place that does this trip, book it now! Unless you want to wait and I'll come back with you!

Now the pictures go HERE.

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