Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yankees vs. Toronto, Giambi Brings It Home

Man o' man what a game. The most exciting ending I have ever attended that's for sure. I'll leave the real play-by-play up to the Professionals, but in case you haven't heard...

Bottom of the ninth Yankees are down 8-7 after Matsui singled in A-Rod. With 2 outs Giambi comes in to pinch hit for Molina, after 2 strikes he nails a huge walk off homer to he upper deck. The Stadium went CRAAAZY, it was awesome! The entire game was a heart attack central, so glad to see the Yanks pull out the late game comeback. It used to seem so natural for the Yanks to pull out the comeback, but no so much lately, let's hope this is the beginning of something good.

Also of note, Jorge was back today. Jorge is my favorite Yankee. A while back I pledged; that should we attend the game where he returns from the DL, I would buy a Posada shirt. So sure enough, I am now the proud owner of a Posada t-shirt.

Now for the pictures, I got the full starting rotation today.

A Rod
The Final Score, a beautiful day!
The New Stadium.

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that camera takes pretty clear shots, point and shoot?