Monday, November 12, 2007

Last Day of the Staycay

I've been on vacation or staycation for the past week but alas today is the final day. Since the roommate moved out last week, I spent most of the time reorganizing. It's great to have a place to myself again, and probably more organized than I've ever been.

So having gotten all the productive stuff out of the way, I was going to play tourist today, and go to the Brooklyn Museum, seeing as it's only about 7 blocks away and all. Of course, I forgot most museums are closed on Monday's, doh. So I decided to take a big long walk around Prospect Park, and take some photos. And here for your viewing pleasure are some of those photos.

Color Tunnel
Self Portrait

Not Cherries

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thebubba said...

Nice. Ya know I did the same thing yesterday. Went to a park and shot some fall stuff. I love looking up at trees and seeing the things most people don't notice. Maybe I'll post a few. This is a great time of the year. Refreshing!