Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Some explanation...

My one commenter keeps asking for a locked down shot, sorry it's not going to happen. This series is about imprecise precision. I'm using a point and shoot, there is no focus ring, I'm never going to be able to get the exact same focus. I use a mailbox with a rounded cover as a tripod. But day after day I have a very, very similar shot, the angle is slightly different, the frame is slightly different. To me that is part of the beauty of it, I capture this moment on the go, most of the time when I'm running late for work. It's about grabbing a moment in time of this spot as quickly as possible. As I watch the slideshow and it jumps a little bit from shot to shot, I'm ok with that. It's another day, I was on my way somewhere, but I stopped for a moment to take a picture, stuck my little camera back in my bag, and continued on with my day. We should take a lot more moments, and take more random pictures.

I have been thinking about the next project, and that will possibly be a locked down shot. That won't happen until I move, which will be a while, and if I can find something interesting from whatever windows I have available, and it will probably be an automated process. But that's getting way ahead of myself.

And today was the closest I've come to missing a day. During the week, I usually take the shot on the way to work, but this morning I was just feeling real lazy, I decided to take it later. But of course after a long tough day at work, I got home thinking I'd taken the shot in the morning. Then I plugged in the camera and it was empty, Oh yeah, I put it off until tonight. At just about midnight it was extremely hard to go back out for the shot. Lucky the weather is amazing, and I couldn't really post the above rant, that I wrote this morning, if I bailed on today's photo. Thanks for inspiration.

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