Thursday, March 15, 2007


Daily Photo

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I'm quite excited about the last two photos. I took the photo yesterday at 9:36 and today's at 9:35, and there's the bus in both. If only the subway could run as well.


thebubba said...

What dedication. Wish the WOPR site was as up to date daily. LOL.

We got this rinky dink pond here where the ducks come and go. Sometimes there's none...sometimes a shitload...and recently two big ass geese. I think I'm gonna do this fixed camera thing. But I don't know how to post it on a day to day basis like you're doing. Do I need some kind of BLOG software for my site?

Denneye said...

Just to clarify... the timing was purely accidental, I just happened to walk out of the house at almost the exact time to go to work. I'm by no means organized enough to rush out and take the photo at the exact same time.
But maybe you can with the duck shot. I like the idea of the duck shot by the way.

chuck m said...

And that truck is finally gone.

This is a little surreal for me since you actually live in my neighborhood.

Sort of like a really slow webcam :)