Tuesday, January 16, 2007


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thebubba said...

Best night shot to date. Surpasses 1/08, though I can't totally fathom why ...perhaps the proportionate size and spatial relationship of the vehicles with its inherent affect on composition leads to a subtle distinctiveness insofar as concerns previous night photos.

However, not to be precluded, 1/03 did, most assuredly, exhibit an interesting amber hue befitting an expression of a somewhat "winter warmth", if you will.


Denneye said...

Why think you, oh eloquent one. Though 01.13 is still my favorite

thebubba said...

Well, 1/13 does have that nice rainy atmosphere and some interesting blue reflections in the puddles on the sidewalk. However 1/16 has its own merits. That nice extra bit of red at the left doorway and the more pronounced blue halo in the left foreground, not to mention a larger number of bluish window lights in the right background. Close, but I'll take 1/16.